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Are Metal Buildings Cheaper Than Wood Buildings?

Prior to beginning your building project, one of the first questions you ask yourself is what materials you will be using for the project. A question our building specialists are often asked is, “are metal buildings cheaper than wood buildings?”

The answer is, yes! Metal buildings are cheaper to build per square foot and are more cost effective over the life of the building due to the low maintenance cost.

Steel Building Construction Cost:

If you are in the planning phase of construction it is easy to get overwhelmed with the numerous options for steel buildings. Some of these options include:

  • Red Iron Buildings
  • A do-it-yourself kit
  • A tubular steel building

At Carport Commander we only sell the highest quality, USA manufactured tubular steel buildings. Out of the numerous options, our customers agree the buildings we sell are the best option. This is due to the structural integrity of the building, all of our buildings are engineer certified to meet your local code. Our buildings also include installation and is not an add on. When you order a building from us, your building is manufactured at one of our many plants across the US and then a four man crew delivers and installs your buildings free of charge. Depending on  the building size, most buildings are up on 1-7 days.

Our buildings meet the same engineers specifications and certification as red iron steel buildings, but red iron steel is much more expensive per square foot and installation is not included. Depending on the size of building, red iron construction can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A do-it-yourself kit does not include installation either. When these kits are delivered to you, often time the kit is missing pieces and you have to hire a crew to install the building. Another thing to remember is most of the do-it-yourself kits are more expensive than our buildings, and they do not include installation.

Are metal buildings cheaper than wood?


Wood Building Construction Cost:

The cheapest wood building you can build is a pole barn and the most expensive you can build is a timber-frame building.

Lifetime Cost of Maintenance:

Metal buildings have little to non lifetime maintenance. Unlike wood, metal will not warp, split. With metal, you won’t need to worry about rotting or termites destroying the building.

Our metal buildings are designed to have a lifespan of 50 or more years, and have a warranty for 20 years. Our metal buildings also are fully galvanized to ensure the best protection against rust. We use industry leading paint that has a special film over that prevents fading after years of being in the elements.

With wooden buildings, the paint will start to come off in 3-7 years which  you would have to touch up and roofs are replaced on average, every 15 years. Wood is also prone to rot, warping, and pests.

To summarize, the near zero maintenance cost adds up to significant savings over the lifetime of the metal building versus wood.

Structural Strength:

Steel and wood are very strong materials when it comes to the construction of your building. Unlike metal, over time wood looses much of the initial integrity due to termites and moisture, which causes the wood to warp and crack.

Steel is often considered the strongest building materials there is.

Our metal buildings are engineer certified and anchored to your slab to stand up against natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, snowfall, and high winds.

Metal building durability


Wood is a high combustable material and will burn very easily.

Steel is noncombustible and will not burn.

Steel is combustable if a fire reaches 2500℉. Most house fires only reach 1100℉.

Metal Building vs Wood Building cost


When you are deciding whether to construct a metal building or wood building, there are several elements to factor that determines cost.

As far as basic building materials goes, metal is an obvious better bang for your buck.

When you factor in the original construction cost of a metal building and the lifetime cost, metal buildings will win every time.

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