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Looking to Build a Barndominium? Look No Further

The Rise of Barndominiums:

Barndominiums use to be a thing only seen in Texas, now they are a popular housing option all across the United States. What is a barndominium? Well, it is a metal building that has been converted into living space partially while still having garage room for your cars or toys.

Why Have Barndominiums Become so Popular? 

Well, the first reason is that it is much cheaper to insure and tax a barndominium versus a regular home. Another reason, the price of steel is much cheaper than the price of wood and construction time for a barndominium is very fast. The combination of these two construction factors makes it significantly cheaper to build.

Why a Steel Barndominium Creates the Perfect Home?

Durable and Long Lasting:

At Carport Commander, our steel barndominium shells have a 20 year warranty against ruse, you will not find this type of warranty with traditional builders. You can go years without the need to preform maintenance and you will never have to worry about replacing shingles. All of our steel barndominiums come engineer certified so you will never have to worry about your barndo failing.

Protection From the Elements and Mother Nature:

Barndominiums are fire resistant due to the fact there is no wood in the construction of the frame, this means the risk of fire is very low, this will give you a peace of mind since you will be living in the barndo and storing your valuables. Barndos also are engineer certified to your area wind and snow ratings, so they can withstand high winds, snow storms, and lightning storms. Barndos also keep out pests and rodents such as termites.


Barndos are very versatile when it comes to space, we can design your barndo to meet your needs or specifications. We can also insulate your barndo to keep it warm and free of any moisture, a building specialist can help you designing a barndo that exceeds your needs.

Designing & Building Your Barndominium:

Now is a perfect time to get into your own barndominium. The price of wood is sky rocketing and so is construction. Carport Commander can have the shell of your barndo up in just 2 days, and delivery and installation is always included in your price. Please call a building specialist today at 1-800-688-6151 or send us a message. We look forward to helping you design the barndominium of your dreams.



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