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Do I need to Insulate My Metal Building?

Do I need to Insulate my Metal Building?

Insulating your metal building is not mandatory, but we highly recommend that you do. The first reason why it is so important to insulate your metal building is so you can keep the moisture out. Metal buildings have the tendency to “sweat” due to condensation and moisture. The last thing you want is condensation dripping onto an antique car, boat, or other valuables you might have stored in your building. Metal buildings in colder environments can experience this condensation from ice and frost.

Another reason is a possible tax credit you could receive for making your building energy friendly. That is right, you could be paid to get insulation. We suggest checking with your local municipality to see if tax incentives are offered in your area.

We offer two types of insulation for our metal structures. The first type of insulation is double bubble insulation and is used mainly for adding that moisture wicking barrier to prevent condensation. The second type is 2″ fiberglass insulation like you would find in your home. Our 2″ thick insulation not only adds a moisture wicking layer to your building but will also insulate the building for cold weather, keeping your heating costs down.

The best way to determine what type of insulation is best for your metal building project is to speak to one of our industry leading building specialists. We have specialists standing by ready to help you, call us today at 1-800-688-6151, or send us a message.