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Vertical vs. Horizontal Roof Styles

Which is better? A Vertical Roof or a Horizontal Roof? 

Needing a new garage and not sure which roof option to choose? This pose will help you make that decision. Both roof styles have their pros and cons but the decision should come down to the climate in your area.

Horizontal roofs which are a cheaper option do not have a seam at the peak of the roof which could cause leaks in heavy rain. Always remember that preventing leaks is a major priority when needing to get the most life out of your garage.

Vertical roof garages will help drain the water from a rainstorm faster and allow for snow or other storm debris to fall off the roof faster. In climates that have a lot of snow a vertical roof is very important when it comes to the snow load of the building.

Pros of Having a Vertical Style Roof on Your Metal Garage

Most customers prefer a vertical roof for the look and drainage, but there are other factors to consider when deciding on which roof style to get:

  • Available with side entry.
  • Ability to blend in easier with other structures in residential areas.
  • Deep and full eve side trim
Vertical Style Metal Building Roof


Pros of a Horizontal Metal Garage Roof

  • Requires less material
  • A cheaper option
  • In places with less snow it would be fine to use
  • Could fit in better with existing structures


Need Help Deciding Which Roof You Need?

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